Tu Yen-Ju(Ruby) 杜晏汝

Tsai Yu-Lin​ 蔡裕霖
2020 年 1 月 6 日
Wang Mai-Rong 王梅容
2020 年 2 月 10 日

Tu Yen-Ju(Ruby) 杜晏汝

日曬 The moment

規格:長300 x  寬500 x 高1600 (重量:9KG)

生命裡的好是相襯的,No light without darkness
楓木與黃銅組合成生命裡的歲月感,因為使用而產生痕跡,陽光下的光與影,亮面與氧化面相襯,如同在日子裡的好與壞,都是養分。"The moment 那時此刻,歲月靜好"

Scale: L500 x W450x H780 mm
Choice of material: Maple lumber, brass
Choice of varnish: Looben hard wax oil

Design Concept:
The combination of maple and brass does the trick of time by leaving traces on the work, making it look like a used one. Light creates shadows under objects exposed in sunlight. A part of the bronze surface gets foggy due to oxidation while other parts remain shiny and glossy. The contrast resembles the good and bad every day, which enriches our life.