Jeffrey Lin 林昭賢

Lai Jia-Yu 賴佳鈺
2020 年 2 月 10 日
Huo-Tu Chen 陳火土
2019 年 12 月 31 日

Jeffrey Lin 林昭賢

靜 ‧ 浪 ​Silence・Wave

規格:長320 x 深320 x 高 520 mm(重量:5 KG)

​ ​ Dimensions: L320 x W 320x H 520 mm (Weight: 5 kg)
Materials: Maple lumber, walnut lumber
Finishing: Wood wax oil

Design Concept:
​Human beings are connected to the ocean innately. Sitting quietly at the shore and listening to the sound of waves will give people a sense of security as if they are in the embrace of their mothers.Sitting on 【Silence ‧ Wave】 Close your eyes and rock back and forth slowly to enjoy the comfort brought by the sound of waves.

織木 ​Weaving wood

720長x480深x430高(毫米) 胡桃木/ASH/紅酸枝

成長 Growing up

380長x360深x460高(毫米) ​ASH/紙藤